Turning Point


I will forever look at the season with MRI as a turning point in my personal life and  ministry. I was at the edge of burnout and break down. I have found healing for past wounds. I have learned skills that helped me right away. The counselors have walked us through healing in several areas, but one stands out. We came to MRI experiencing the death of a church member, and we learned how to grieve. We were so thankful for the skills we learned for ourselves and for our congregants. Little did we know that a member of our family would be killed a few months later. We were in crisis, and the very skills that we learned were put into use time and again. I’m so thankful we had skills and healing in our hearts to be able to face this next tragedy.
I wholly trust the counselors and their base of understanding of our pastoral vocation. I highly recommend MRI to any minister who is looking for healing. God’s timing and leading was prevalent in so many aspects of our MRI experience. 
It has truly saved us. Words can’t express what this has done for us, for our family, for our extended family, and for our congregation. I’m forever grateful. Our lives are different because of MRI. 
Associate Pastor