The Miracle Started

When I walked into the doors at MRI 2 ½ weeks ago I was in pretty bad shape. Emotionally, spiritually, and physically I was worn out and depressed. I made a trip back to the States by myself to try and get some support, not knowing how it was going to happen or who I should turn to. I was referred to MRI by a friend and God used you in a powerful way. I was accepted, cared for and made to feel welcome from the minute I stepped into the office. The miracle started when I emailed one morning and was in to see someone the next day. You helped me see and understand the love of God in a powerful, personal and transformative way. You were used by God to help me address heart issues in a safe and secure environment. God has begun a work of reordering my interior life and he used you to help me in that process. I walked in hurting, confused, and broken. I walked out with a renewed hope and a deeper understanding of God’s love for me. Thank you for who you are and serving me in the ways you did. I would hope that all Missionaries and Pastors would find you in their time of need to be encouraged and equipped as I have.

A missionary from Africa