Thank You

Thank you so much for allowing us to experience a bit of what MRAP/MRI is all about. After hearing about your ministry for so many years, it was great to be able to see you all in action. Even after only a few days with you, we both had so many “take aways” from our sessions. The Scripture meditation was helpful, and we have both begun to apply many of those aspects into our morning quiet times. The need to maintain a focus on self care was helpful, as was the decision making model, and our discussions on a theology of suffering. 
Both of us were extremely impressed by Jack’s knowledge of the Word of God and how it shows up in everything he talks about. You all have woven Scripture into every aspect of what you do. Thank you for sharing all the worksheets, and handouts. We would unreservedly recommend MRAP to our friends on and off the field.
From Missionaries in Africa