No Place to Turn for Help

There came a point in my life when I faced a difficult ministry transition, issues in my marriage, personal loss, and depression. I felt as if I had no place to turn for help. After all, my husband and I were the pastors who ministered to other people through their difficult times. At the darkest time in my life the counselors at MRI provided a place of healing for me and my husband. They gave me the guidance, support, and counsel I needed to become whole again. They surrounded me with prayer when I didn’t have the strength to pray. They gave me hope when I felt like all hope was gone. They pointed me to Jesus when I felt he had abandoned me. My life has been transformed beyond what I could have ever imagined! Today, my husband and I enjoy a wonderful marriage and are following the dreams God has placed in our hearts. The care I received at MRI has made all the difference and I am grateful beyond words for their ministry.
Washington Pastor