Good Grief

This is to express my deepest appreciation of the MRI ministry headed by Dr. Rozell and his fine associates. During my dear wife’s last illness, in all the trauma involved with such a grim prognosis, they were always there with things that I really needed to hear but was often unwilling to face. The MRI Team all displayed an incredible level of professionalism, but at the same time a deep compassion that often could be sensed even before it was articulated. And, all of the steps of grief they described to me and my grown children such as denial, anger, and the question “why?” was dealt with from the perspective of those who have been, or are going through very similar situations. Then, after my wife’s passing, they invited me to come back for their incredible sessions, both in understanding grief and dealing with it on a long-term basis, which is where I am at presently. I look upon Dr. Rozell and his associates, not only with the deepest of appreciation, but now regard them as dear friends. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Missionary to Asia