God's Love Heals!

Thank you so much for being Pastors and Counselors to me. You have been used by God to change my life. My time at MRI began my lifelong journey of healing and discovering God's love. I do not know where I would be without those months with you all.

Jack, I read the yellow note you wrote me every single day. It is hanging by my bed. And I constantly remind myself of the moment you looked me in the eye in your office and said, " God loves you."  The  simplest words- but so life-changing. You loved me with no expectations and no strings attached. I have never been able to accept that kind of love until I met you all at MRI. My worth has been wrapped up in pleasing people. And then I met you all, and you were a part of the messiest, darkest parts of my life, and you still showed me God's love...and I think you even liked me! With ALL my dirty laundry and hidden pain. That is the kind of love that transforms people. That love began to transform me. The battle with condemnation is constant in my life, but when it comes, I fight back with the experience and knowledge of the unconditional love and care I experienced at MRI. The love of God I experienced through you all is something I had never known before. Thank you for showing me that I am worth investing in, that I am valuable even with all my brokenness, that I am not hopeless, that life is not hopeless, that I can live with fullness of joy, and that I am going to be ok. 

 I could go on and on and on. But here is just a glimpse of my heart overwhelmed with gratitude for you and everyone at MRI.
Missionary to Eurasia