I came to MRI from the mission field with anxiety and depression, even to the point of having suicidal thoughts. I had lost touch of the fact that God cares about me and wasn't sure how much I could trust Him. I kept coming across passages in the Bible that I "knew" in my head were true, but my heart wasn't convinced. The MRI staff patiently and lovingly worked through several different issues with me, and kept things centered on God and scripture. I was learning a lot and getting better, and then had a breakthrough when the team shared a word from the Lord with me. My whole perspective shifted, and I was able to fully accept everything that MRI had been teaching me, especially that God's truth is the only basis for truth. I was suddenly trusting God again! I'm so grateful for the way the MRI team cared for me, worked so hard to bring me out of the place I was in, and that they do all this from a place of dependence on God. 

Missionary from a Sensitive Country