5-Star Establishment

Every single person in ministry should be taking advantage of this amazing program.

We decided to connect during a time of transition in our ministry and expected that through the process we would figure out what we were supposed to “do” next in the way of vocational ministry.

But through this ministry we discovered so much more than we ever expected. We are both completely comfortable knowing that just being a child of God is all the fulfillment we were looking for.

I received some wonderful counsel that led to the resolution of some lifelong family hurts that has brought a tremendous amount of healing and is now trickling through the rest of my family.

There is no judgment when you share all of your ugly stuff, only love and understanding.

We have been given so many practical tools to use for enriching our marriage, our relationship with Jesus, and our relationships with others.  All of their resources are solid and biblically based.   

MRI is a five-star establishment in my humble opinion.
Pastor's wife