Top-of-Mind Resource

It is my privilege to write a letter of endorsement for the MRAP/MRI ministry under the capable and caring leadership of Dr. Jack Rozell. As I reflect on this ministry two snapshots emerge:

  • First, there is the perspective of the leadership of the Oregon Ministry Network. Where do you turn when one of the ministers or missionaries in the Network has experienced a crisis in their life, family, or ministry? In recent years our top-of-mind resource has been MRAP/MRI. It has been our experience that Dr. Jack Rozell and his team provide a high-level of professional care marked by a deep sense of dependence on God for positive outcomes.
  • Second, there is the perception of the minister/missionary who has experienced one or more week-long intensives with the MRAP/MRI team along with the corresponding follow-ups. In some cases they would report that their ministry and/or life have been saved. In other cases they would report a marked improvement in the quality of their life and outlook for the future.

The MRAP/MRI ministry is a wonderful gift that truly fulfills its stated mission, which is to “enhance the life quality, ministry effectiveness and longevity of vocational ministry personnel.” If you are looking for a resource for vocational ministers/missionaries under your oversight, or if you are personally in need, I encourage you to consider this outstanding ministry.

As an added comment, I would encourage you to consider MRAP/MRI as a candidate for funding. This ministry makes no financial demands for those they help. At times the financial challenges grow heavy, abut they continue to push ahead doing what they believe God has called them to do. An investment in this ministry is not only reasonable, but highly strategic. I encourage you to consider including MRAP/MRI in your missionary budget.

Warm regards,
Boyd Powers,
Lead Pastor for Administration and Missions, Oregon Ministry Network