Pastoral Care Counseling


The MRI team provides pastoral care and counseling for those in vocational ministry. We welcome singles, couples, and families in ministry. Missionaries and pastors from a variety of organizations and denominations have received pastoral care at MRI. 
Pastoral care counseling differs in several ways from a clinical approach. Our commitment to a Christian worldview and values prompts us to rely significantly on the spiritual resources of prayer, the Word, and the Holy Spirit in our counseling relationships. Our relationship with guests extends beyond the formal counseling process including assistance with logistical needs.
We are a pastoral counseling center, and while we may employ various clinical tools and resources, we do not offer diagnoses as a clinical counseling center or provider would. When such diagnoses are warranted, we make referrals to a network of reliable and qualified professionals, such as medical doctors, psychiatrists, or clinical psychologists.


The pastoral counseling process begins when a guest first contacts MRI. Then an introductory session is scheduled by phone or video call (Zoom). If the fit is right, mutually agreeable dates are set for counseling. Pastoral counseling is offered via Zoom and is available without leaving your home. 


We are attentive to the whole person – the spiritual, psychological, relational, and physical. As issues are identified in each facet of life, a therapeutic plan is developed and resources are matched in response.


We operate on an intensive week format. The intensive week schedule consists of four consecutive days (Monday-Thursday). Guests receive counseling sessions each day. Readings, videos, reflections, and journaling are assigned to complement the sessions. Guests should plan for two intensive weeks with the option for an extension. 


The MRI team tailors the counseling and pastoral care experience to the needs of each guest, but we routinely employ what we refer to as Life Skills. Life Skills are biblically based and psychologically valid principles rooted in God’s truth. These life skills are based on scriptural concepts and principles, that will enhance a person’s life quality and ministry effectiveness and help them finish well. Life skills address issues like thought discipline, effective communication, building healthy relationships, dealing with grief, listening to the voice of the Spirit, and many more. 


Clinical assessment tools are used in the counseling relationship. Referrals can be made to professional specialists as needed and appropriate.


Research has shown that short-term, goal-oriented counseling is more effective than long-term, open-ended counseling. With the help of counselors, guests develop a plan with specific goals based on their personal story and assessment results. This tailored plan becomes the framework for determining progress in the transformational process.


Our counselors are currently working from home, and all counseling is done via Zoom. We can occasionally accommodate in-person counseling by exception. Ask your counselor or our Guest Relations Coordinator for more information. 

Contact our Guest Relations Coordinator to schedule an appointment for consultation and evaluation.