What can I expect at MRI?

What is the procedure to have someone come to MRI for counseling?
Follow your organization’s procedures for approval. Then contact MRI to check on our availability and to confirm dates and other details. When we receive a request from a guest, the next step is to set up an introductory session by phone, Skype, or in our office. The session usually takes about an hour. One of our counselors will share about who we are, how we work, hear your story, and make plans of how we might help. The guest load at MRI varies, and there is often a waiting list. This influences the arrival date of a new guest as well as the length of stay.
Where is MRI?
MRI is located in Kirkland, Washington, on the east side of Seattle. Our office is conveniently located near Interstate 405 near downtown Kirkland, not far from the waterfront. Plan your itinerary to arrive at SEA, Seattle-Tacoma (Sea-Tac) International Airport.
What about housing and getting around?
We are often able to provide our guests with assistance in locating accommodations and transportation. For example, we are sometimes able to arrange a rental from a local missionary car ministry. For accommodations, we recommend the Extended Stay Deluxe hotel or the Marriott Residence Inn Seattle Northeast. Both are located in Bothell, WA. Check www.ExtendedStayHotels.com or www.marriott.com to see the amenities of your preferred hotel option. Contact the MRI office for information about our special rates with these hotels.
How long should I plan to stay?
The answer to this question is not an easy one with a predetermined response. We recommend that our guests plan to stay "as long as it takes." Addressing personal and relational concerns is not "fast food." We ask guests to plan on a minimum of two to three weeks. Missionaries and pastors have stayed at MRI for periods of time ranging from one week to six months. Several have stayed longer.
What can I expect while at MRI?
Guests may expect an "intensive week" approach. We meet with guests for daily sessions Monday through Thursday. Married couples can expect to receive both individual and couple sessions. Singles are welcome and will have individual sessions tailored to the need. We use a team approach, so missionaries and pastors may see several members of our team. We have a network of professional consultants to whom we refer when resources beyond the expertise of our team are required. We often schedule an introductory phone call before a missionary's arrival or during their process of deciding to come. This gives us opportunity to get acquainted and may help the missionary or pastor determine if "the chemistry is right." We ask that our guests plan to arrive early in the week (on the weekend or on Monday at the latest) to make the most out of their first week with us.
Are there tests I should do before the intensive week(s)?
A packet of assessment tests are given to each individual who comes to MRI. When possible these assessments are sent ahead of time so that they may be returned to the office and scored before the guest arrives.
Is the counseling confidential?
MRI believes strongly in confidentiality; it is one of our core values. Before counseling begins, each guest signs a Release of Confidential Information, and information is only shared with those who are listed on the form. When a guest comes voluntarily, we do not report to any leadership unless a report is requested. When a missionary or pastor is directed by leadership to come to MRI, a report is issued; the MRI team and the guest collaborate on the writing of the report.