Our Commitment

MRI is committed to our mission: to enhance the life quality, ministry effectiveness, and longevity of those in vocational ministry. 

We define agape counseling as an agapÄ“ relationship between two or more persons in which the counselor seeks to use the human and divine resources available to him to bring renewal, healing, wholeness, and maturity to the counselee(s).

We define agape love as the spirit which says: “No matter what any [person] does to me, I will never seek to do harm to them; I will never set out for revenge; I will always seek nothing but their highest good. ‘That is to say, Christian love, agapÄ“, is unconquerable benevolence, invincible good will’.” It is a “principle by which we deliberately live…it is a deliberate principle of the mind and a deliberate conquest and achievement of the will…it is not simply a wave of emotion: it is a conviction of the mind issuing from a deliberate achievement and conquest and victory of the will.” (Barclay, William. Dictionary of New Testament Words, pp 21-23)

We make every effort to relate to our guests in agape love so that everything we think and do and say about a guest is in their highest good. If we fail in that, we want you to tell us.

We believe that God's love heals. Our responsibility is to cooperate with Him so that we can be healed. When we are healed, we become better instruments of healing for others.