MRI's Approach

The MRI Team uses a tailored counseling and consultation philosophy with the following characteristics:

  • MRI provides services in three basic stages: a) orientation/evaluation, b) implementation of a tailored strategy, and c) a progress evaluation to determine on-going work or termination.

  • MRI uses a holistic model that includes physical, emotional, relational and spiritual needs.

  • MRI combines both pastoral and clinical resources with a greater emphasis on the pastoral, with significant reliance on spiritual resources like prayer, the Word and the Holy Spirit. 

  • MRI networks with a number of medical and professional services and deliberately monitors its own limitations.

  • MRI practices intentional follow-up when a person transitions back into ministry with on-going communication and mentoring possibilities.

  • MRI, by helping to prevent premature attrition, makes a very significant impact of savings in finances and in time, both to the missionary and to the sending organization.

  • MRI uses all available resources (human and divine) to assist in the process of healing, renewal, wholeness and growth.

  • MRI Team consists of self-supporting career missionaries, experienced pastors and professional specialists who provide day to day hands-on ministry. Professionals are available and provide consultation and/or counseling in personal, relational, educational and financial matters. Non-professional volunteers make up a prayer team and provide support in a variety of areas.

  • MRI does not assess fees for ministry provided. However, contributions are encouraged. Ministry is never withheld for financial reasons.

Our Approach and Services

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